• Title
      Build a website for the Playing Cards game "Rummy"
    • Introduction
      Need to develop the Front End (the Graphics of the game) and Back End (the logic behind the game - for e.g., random order of the cards, game finish checks, points, etc) in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and PHP.
    • Specifications
      1. Create the necessary graphics and animations as images and/or using HTML5 code.
      2. Develop the backend logic of the game in HTML5 and PHP.
      3. Connect the frontend and the backend to complete the game. Use CSS3 for styling of the website. Javascript can also be used if required at some places.
      4. Players must get a rich visual experience from the graphics and sounds used to build the virtual Rummy platform.
      5. User must be able to register, join any game table, play for free or chips/money, manage their profile, add money or purchase chips, etc.
    • Expected Output
      1. There should be a table with upto 10 chairs/places visible on the screen.
      2. An user who is logged in must be able to sit in any of the empty chairs.
      3. Dealing of cards to the players must be animated with appropriate background sounds.
      4. Each player must be able to see the 13 cards he/she is dealt with. And each player must only see the "closed face" of the cards of the other players.
      4. The remaining cards must be visible on the table with once card as the "open card", one card as the "trump/joker", the rest as the remaining deck.
      5. Player must be able to shuffle his cards to rearrange them in the order he wishes.
      6. Player must be able to take a card from the deck or the "open card" when it is his turn to act.
      7. Player must be able to discard a card or declare the game (as "show"). In the first round of the game, the player must also have the option of "dropping" from the round.
      8. Once the round is over, the hand of the declarer (who declared the "show") must be validated. After validating the hand, the points of all players must be allocated and added to the previous totals till all but one player are eliminated due to reaching the maximum count (which generally is 200 or 250).
      9. Apart from the above mentioned game related features, it is required to implement general features like User Login, Profile, Leaderboard, Tournamnets, Individual game tables, Payment system, etc.
    • Additional Information
      If you have questions or need additional information on this project then you can Contact Us.
    • Amount We Pay
      Rs. 20000
    • Duration
      1 to 6 Months
    • Team Size
      1 to 10 Members
    • Last Date For Application