This project is related to Image Processing. The image consists of a random Chess position shown on a standard 2D chess board (either color or greyscale image). It must be processed to understand the position on the board and write it out in FEN format to a file. An example of the input and output is shown below:

Input image:

Image source: Free preview of John Nunn's Chess Course

Output FEN:


FEN is a very simple format to record a Chess position. You can read this wiki article to know about FEN.

Note that the output FEN format for the input image must have only the "Piece Placement" information; the rest of the parts of FEN are not required. Also note that the image can consist of some text along with the chess board. You need to exclude the text, identify the chess board within the image and then extract the chess position from the image. The image can contain multiple chess boards (along with the text) and the program/algorithm is expected to identify and process all the boards present in the image.

Amount we pay for this project: Rs.10000.

Duration: 3-6 Months.

Team size: 1-5 Members.

Students eligible: Graduation, Post-Graduation, PhD.

Last date for application: 30-11-2015

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