One of the major drawbacks of higher education in India is the lack of interaction between Academia and Industry. Indigenous Engineering is trying to fill that gap by connecting the Industry and Academia. We will do that by engaging the graduate and post-graduate students from colleges and universities all over the country in many of our research models, projects, and products.

How can the students get Industry exposure through Indigenous Engineering?

Any product that a company manufactures, any service that a company provides, and any research being conducted requires coordinated effort from many people. These people would generally be the employees or contractors (part time or full time) of the company who are grouped under different divisions and functionaries. The work under a project/product would be divided and shared among these people based on two factors: Capability of the persons, and Nature/Complexity of work.

We, at Indigenous Engineering, offer that part of our work to the Academia which aptly fits the Capabilities of the Students. We announce these under the title "Indigenous Engineering Projects". Students from any part of India can work on these projects and there by get an early exposure to the nature of work in Industry.

What are the benefits for students working on these 'Indigenous Engineering Projects'?

There are several benefits for the students, including monetary benefits; they are listed below.

1. Based on the Complexity of the project we will pay a fixed amount to the team that successfully completes a project. Note that the amount payable is fixed at the time of listing the project and is paid only after 'successful completion' of the project (check our Payment policy).

2. The students working on a project will get guidance and inputs from our team. This means that students can enhance their knowledge and sync their perspective to the industry.

3. Students can use these projects for the completion of their academic course (check our IPR policy).

4. With enhanced skills acquired by working on these projects, students have better chances of getting a job after coming out of college.

I am interested in working on one of these 'Indigenous Engineering Projects'. Where should I start?

Check out the projects that are listed in our site. Read the requirements and nature of the work carefully. If you think you are capable of doing that work then you can apply for that project by filling the necessary details in the form. We will review all the applications, chose the right person/team, and intimate all the applicants about the team selected.

I am a student from rural background and not so good at English; can I apply to work on a project?

We don't really care about your language skills. All we want is your Engineering skill. If you believe you have the potential to work on a project and can successfully complete it then you are welcome to Indigenous Engineering!

I am a student who has very less percentage/percentile of marks; can I apply to work on a project?

We also don't care about the marks you got. All we want is your Engineering skill. If you believe you have the potential to work on a project and can successfully complete it then you are welcome to Indigenous Engineering!

Who will provide the software, hardware, and other equipment required to work on the projects?

Most of our communication with you would be over mobile or internet since we want to cater to students all over India (and abroad in some cases). We expect your college to provide the basic equipment like the computer, internet connection, and other common software or hardware. You can also use any of your own equipment like mobile, internet, etc. We are not going to pay for any of these basic requirements. If there is any specific tool or device or equipment that we believe is not readily available in the college or home then we will let the students purchase it from market. Upon submission of the bills related to the purchase we will reimburse 50% to 100% of the amount (check our Reimbursement policy).

Can I take help of my lecturers/professors and/or classmates and/or friends and/or others in the project?

You are free to take help of your lecturers/professors and/or classmates. But if you are trying to take help of any other friends or people not related to your college then you should inform us in advance (read our terms related to NDA policy). In either case we will not pay any amount for their help or service (probably you need to share with them the money you receive from us). In case their help was significant, on a case by case basis, we may try to recognize their effort through non-monetary means.

I have my own idea/project. Will you sponsor and help implementing it?

Great! We are here to see some Indigenous Engineering so we are glad to look at your idea. If we like your idea or project then we are ready to sponsor you. The basis of our evaluation is what we aspire - "Quality Products at Lower Prices"; so we will like those projects which help many people/customers and which are affordable to all.